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  • The new RSS #2 Precision Centerless Grinder is designed as a workhorse based on maximum reliability, sturdiness and simplicity. It is a general purpose grinder suitable for a wide variety of infeed and thrufeed jobs. The parts could have straight, tapered, formed, or multiple diameters. The grinder works efficiently in small batches or production runs.
  • A full line of CNC accessories are also available for integration with the new or rebuilt #2 centerless grinder to provide the highest performance and tolerances.
  • The precision hydrodynamic spindle of the centerless grinder is supported by two sets of five shoes of bearings. The bearings are mounted directly in the sturdy machine base for maximum rigidity. Each bearing shoe works on the principle of high pressure wedges created between the shoes and the rotating spindle, which helps in maintaining constant center of rotation irrespective of the direction of force of the load.
  • The centerless grinder is supplied with profile dressers for grinding and regulating wheel. The grinding wheel truing unit is operated hydraulically, while the regulating wheel truing unit is operated with a hand wheel. Hydraulic truing for regulating wheel is available as an option.
  • The regulating wheel drive is through infinitely variable hydrostatic drive. It is a self-contained unit with a hand wheel to change the speed. The speed is displayed on a digital tachometer.
  • The grinder is designed with manual infeed as standard. Infeed grinding to size is achieved through the manual lever which provides stroke up to 0.038" using a standard single pitch lead screw. Double and quadruple lead screws are available as an option for greater stroke. Also, precision ground ball screws are available, on request.
  • A large number of accessories for the centerless grinder have been developed to make it highly productive while retaining ease of operation. RSS offers all sizes of infeed and thrufeed work rests, wheel mounts, automatic infeed attachment, cams, dressing diamonds, wheel spacers, precision swivel indicator, precision slide position indicator, and many more. Click here for full line of accessories.