Rebuilt Grinder with CNC Automation
Cincinnati CNC Rebuilt and Retrofitted Grinder
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Cincinnati #2 OM-V Rebuilt  Grinder
Cincinnati #2 OM-V Rebuilt  Grinder
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RSS remanufacturing services for Centerless grinders provide a new lease of life to precision grinders.

RSS is a leader in remanufacturing services for precision centerless grinders, O.D. grinders, angle-head grinders, and other special purpose grinders to meet high quality standards for the customer.

The RSS plant is equipped with horizontal boring mills, jig bores, slide way grinder, precision cylindrical grinder, surface grinder, mills, and more to do all in-house work of remanufacturing. The plant is equipped with 10 and 20 ton cranes around the large 26,000 sq. ft. facility.

We have highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated employees whose only endeavor is customer satisfaction. Check out the detailed process of rebuilding that we follow on every rebuild to produce the finest rebuilt grinders in the world.

The remanufacturing and retrofitting of various CNC or other attachments can be incorporated to meet exact requirements of the customer. We can suggest the best and most economical alternatives to you for each project.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you for your next remanufacturing and/or retrofitting project. Let us share our know-how to make your project a profitable one. You will see the "Superior" difference in dedication to service, competitive prices, engineering support, and quality.