Diamond Roll Dresser

Diamond Roll Dresser

The grinder will be equipped with a diamond roll dresser. The dresser will have a profile diamond roll to match the profile of the component. The diamond roll gets a drive through a hydraulic motor for its own rotation.

The infeed movement of wheel advance is controlled by the grinder controls. Normally, the diamond roll is positioned about ¼" from the diameter. When the dresser cycle is activated, the diamond advances of rapid feed till it is 0.005" away from the wheel.

Normally, the dressing amount is 0.0003" to 0.0005" for each dress cycle. The dressing time is between 10 – 15 seconds. In case of normal hydraulic profile dresser with single point diamond, the dress amount is 0.002" each dress cycle and time is between 2-3 minutes.

The diamond roll retracts to its home position of ¼" from the newly dressed wheel diameter.

Key Benefits

  • By using the diamond roll dresser, the dress time & wheel consumption are reduced resulting in substantial savings.
  • The amount dressed is compensated automatically by moving the infeed regulating wheel slide by predetermined amount after each dress cycle.
  • The frequency of dressing can be set by the operator.
  • Diamond Roll Dressers of different sizes are available.