Centerless Pneumatic Infeed Attachment

RSS Pneumatic Infeed Attachment

This pneumatic infeed attachment is the perfect low-cost way to automate your centerless grinder and reduce your cycle times.It can be integrated with an auto-ejector to simplify life for the operator.

Run in single cycle mode when the operator hand-feeds the parts or continuous cycle mode when integrated with an automatic loading system. Your maintenance people will also love this attachment.

Hardened rails and a ball slide combine to assure a long and accurate life. Plus, it is virtually maintenance free and most replacement parts are commercially available "off-the-shelf" and readily available from industrial parts suppliers.

Key Benefits

  • Rigid construction of 1/2"  mounting plate secured to the upper slide by 4 screws and 2 dowels.
  • Quick and smooth operation through hardened rail with ball slide.
  • Power Feed Cylinder with slave cylinder for controlled feed of infeed slides.
  • Micro adjustment for size control through front handwheel.
  • Single cycle or continuous cycle for continuous work with automatic loader.
  • Infinitely variable independent spark-out timer and load timer for dwell between cycle for automatic loader.
  • Air regulator, filter, and lubricator provided for clean air supply.
  • Virtually maintenance free - most maintenance parts are commercial with easy availability.
  • Can be supplied with automatic ejector.
  • Grinder can still be used for Thrufeed work by keeping the attachment in set-up mode.