CNC Centerless Two Axis Servo Dresser

Two Axis CNC Profile Dresser

The RSS Two Axis CNC Profile Dresser breathes new life into any centerless grinder. Designed around an operator-friendly touchscreen interface, the dresser brings the power of CNC machining to your grinder without any of the headaches of programming G-codes.

Equipped with two servo motors, nearly any profile can be accurately dressed in a minimum of time.

The dresser provides both linear and circular interpolation capabilities to allow tapers and arcs in your profile.

Due to the simple and clean design of the touch-screen interface, an operator needsno prior knowledge to operate the dresser.  An unlimited number of different profiles can be stored on the dresser permitting quick change-over from one task to another. The color touch-screen monitor is mounted on a pendant near the actual dresser for convenient operation. Several push buttons are also provided for functions such as emergency stop, retract, cycle start, jogging and compensation.

Key Benefits

  • Operator-friendly Color Touch Screen with familiar Windows-based interface.
    • Easily programmable to generate linear steps and tapers as well as radiuses and arcs.
    • No G-codes required! All commands in plain English.
    • No prior experience with computers necessary. Easy to learn.
  • Available for Grinding and Regulating wheels.
  • Designed with reliability and accuracy in mind
    • Manufactured from stress relieved castings to ensure rigidity and stiffness under load.
    • AC Digital Brushless Servo Motors and Amplifiers
    • Precision Ground Ball Screws with zero-backlash nut assembly on both axes.
    • Precision frictionless roller slides for longitudinal axis (Y axis).
    • Diamond advance (Z Axis) monitored by linear glass scale for accurate positioning.
      Resolution:    0.000 010"        (on motion and feedback).
      Repeatability: 0.000 020"
  • Open PC Architecture
    • Modern class processor
    • Delta Tau PMAC Motion Controller
    • Supports linear and circular interpolation
  • Dedicated software designed especially for Centerless Grinding.
    • Can be integrated with other CNC options and accessories
    • Can be customized to suit different applications.
    • Unlimited Part Programs stored on hard drive for future retrieval.
    • Fifty character file name and description stored with each part.
    • Unlimited number of moves per program.
  • Quick and easy setup
    • Automatic homing supported on longitudinal axis.
    • Remembers last position on power-down.
    • Multiple jogging speeds and joystick.
    • Many adjustments available:
      • Possible to set an individual feedrate for each move.
      • Vertical and Horizontal offsets to adjust entire profile at once.
      • Tool width compensation to automatically adjust for width of diamond.
  • Can be installed in new or retrofitted on used grinders.
  • All controls in stand-alone enclosures for easy retrofit in the field.