CNC Centerless Servo Infeed Attachment

CNC Servo Infeed Attachment

If you are looking for low cycle times coupled with exacting tolerances, this is the perfect attachment for infeed grinding. A user-friendly Color Touch Screen Operator Interface makes set-up and operation painless and efficient.

Key Benefits

  • Precision Infeed Axis movements
    • Resolution: 0.000004" (0.1 µm)
    • Repeatability: 0.0001" (0.25 µm)
  • AC Digital Brushless Servo Motor and Amplifier
  • Precision Ground Ball Screw with zero-backlash nut assembly
  • 60 : 1 Harmonic Drive coupled with Servo Drive and Ball Screw
    • Allows small incremental motion of slides.
    • Ensures better repeatability for grinding cycle
      and fine compensation.
    • Other gear ratios available on request.
  • Open PC Architecture
    • Modern class processor
    • Delta Tau PMAC Motion Controller
  • Software supports both Infeed / Thrufeed grinding applications
  • Operator-friendly Color Touch Screen with familiar Windows-based interface. No prior computer experience necessary!
  • Dedicated software designed especially for Centerless Grinding.
    • Can be integrated with other CNC options and accessories
    • Can be customized to suit different applications.
    • Unlimited Part Programs stored on hard drive for future retrieval.
    • Fifty character file name and description stored with each part.
  • Infeed Mode
    • Supports six stages of grinding:
      Unload, Load, Start Grind, Rough, Semi-Finish, and Finish
    • Each stage has its own feedrate and dwell available.
    • With Servo Reg Wheel, set a different RPM for each stage as well!
    • Single / Continuous Cycle Modes
    • Fine / Coarse Compensation
    • Dress reminder available (after a pre-programmed number of cycles).
  • Thrufeed Mode
    • Enter final and retract diameters.
    • Fine / Coarse Compensation
    • Store blade height and reg whl angle with the part for easy reference in the future
    • Dress reminder available (after a preset time).
  • Stand-alone enclosure for controls.. Can be retrofitted in the field.
  • Can be installed on new or used grinders. Superior can also rebuild your infeed slides prior to installation of attachment to ensure optimum performance.