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RSS Grinders & Automation Inc. are manufacturers of new #2 centerless grinders with CNC capabilities. RSS strives to be a leader in remanufacturing services for Precision Centerless Grinders & special purpose grinders to meet the high quality standards of the industry. More

New Building

Come visit us at our Lombard plant conveniently located near O'Hare airport. HIRING ALL POSITIONS

CNC - Grd/Reg Dressers
CNC - Grinding Wheel Dresser
New RSS No.2 CNC Grinder
New RSS No.2 CNC Centerless Grinder
Diamond Roll Dresser
Diamond Roll Dresser
CNC Infeed Attachment
CNC Servo Infeed Attachment
Cincinnati CNC - Rebuilt
Cincinnati CNC - Rebuilt and Retrofitted Grinder
New #340-20 CNC
CNC #340-20 Centerless
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Used & New Inventory
Pneumatic Infeed Attachment
Pneumatic-Infeed Attachment